Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Company name Zao Corporation
Company name (English notation) Theou Co., Ltd.
Administrator Imaizumi Yuya
Postal code 〒 540 - 0027
Street address Aichi Building 1-1, Ashiyacho, Chuo Ward, Osaka City
TEL 06 - 6467 - 4644
Store opening hours 【平日】9:30~17:30【土日祝】休業日
Payment Method ·Bank transfer
・ Cash on delivery
Due date for payment We will send you an order confirmation email from our shop within one week. (Within 1 week from first order confirmation email in case of bundling)
Bank name A
Necessary charges other than product price Various fees such as transfer fee and COD fee are paid by the customer.

■ COD fee

Total commodity price
~ 10,000 yen 330 yen
10001 ~ 30000 yen 440 yen
30001 to 100000 yen 660 yen
JPY 100001-300000 JPY 1100
300001 ~ 500000 yen 2200 yen
500001 to 1000000 yen 3300 yen
Shipping calculation method Up to five 1,000 yen
One 100 yen after this
Shipping company

Sagawa Express

Delivery time of goods We will ship within 3 business days after payment.
Returns and exchanges In our shop, if you contact us within 3 days after goods arrival, we will accept returns.
In addition, please return the product to our company within 5 days from the date the product arrived at the customer's hand (the date the delivery was completed).
We apologize if the return date is exceeded, but we can not accept returns, so please be forewarned.

In that case, please bear the postage and each fee for round trip.
In addition, we have made every effort to the quality of the product, but if there is a defective item or a misdelivered item, we are very sorry but please contact us within 3 days after arrival. As soon as possible we will correspond.
※ We will pay the shipping cost for defective products and misdelivery products.

Exchange correspondence is not received.